About us

We are a domestic/international freight forwarding company .
We transport all types of cargo and on all types of routes. We are at your disposal both as a permanent business partner and as an one-time carrier. Our forwarding services are professional and the orders we undertake are implemented absolutely reliably.


In this line of business, a commercial general liability insurance is not only a security for the company, but also an expression of respect for the contractor and further cooperation. Therefore, you will receive top-class security during cooperation with us!


Many years of experience of our team and the ability to communicate in the following languages as ​​... ... ... guarantee trouble-free contact with you and your clients.


The experience of our carriers minimizes the problems that could arise in cooperation with new ("fresh") forwarding and transport companies.


Taking care of the highest quality of transport, we periodically replace the fleet of old vehicles with the new and flagship models on the market. Thanks to this, we ensure the best standards of vehicles in which your goods will be transported. In addition, the lower failure rate of transport affects the promptness of implementation of the order! - and time is money.


Thanks to the network of contacts throughout Europe, we are not only an effective company on the freight forwarding market, but also a reliable business partner!


Thanks to the preparation for each season, we guarantee continuous orders, therefore we are a Partner with a guarantee of cooperation! We dynamically adapt to the current situation in Europe to build a solid security for the future.